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Healthcare companies building HIPAA forms on Formsort

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HIPAA compliant online forms

Formsort was built from the ground up with healthcare companies in mind. We protect your sensitive patient information by not storing data permanently, ensuring the utmost security.

Optimize forms throughout the patient journey

Design forms throughout the patient experience, from patient intake and surveys to monthly check-ins.

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Qualify and route patients seamlessly

Create HIPAA-compliant forms that use conditional logic to screen and qualify patients before they book with you. Free your providers to focus on care rather than data collection.

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Healthcare form features

Flexible form builder

Customize healthcare forms effortlessly with our flexible builder. Adapt to ever-changing needs, ensuring your forms evolve with your healthcare processes seamlessly.

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Pre-designed HIPAA templates

Start your form building using our pre-designed healthcare templates. Specifically curated for health scenarios such as mental health assessment, weight loss onboarding, and many others, these templates are designed to save you time and effort.

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Business associate agreement (BAA)

When dealing with patient information, compliance with HIPAA regulations is essential. Formsort's Standard Business Associate Agreement (BAA) will help you protect your business.

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Securely store PII

Ensure secure patient data storage with Formsort. We prioritize data security by storing information for a brief period, allowing safe transit to its destination. You have control — tag data as PII and choose integrations for precise data distribution.

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Personalized patient journey

Enhance patient experiences with personalized journeys. Dynamically adapt forms based on patient data, providing a tailored and efficient interaction throughout their healthcare experience.

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On-brand forms

Maintain brand consistency in healthcare forms. Personalize the look and feel to match your brand, instilling trust and familiarity in patients interacting with your forms.

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Allara, a virtual care center and community for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), more than doubled its sign-up conversion rate and reduced its form building timeline by 80%.

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Form Health, a personalized medical weight loss company, accelerated its form building timeline from months to days, saving thousands of engineering hours in the process.

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Build HIPAA-compliant forms with Formsort

Partially completed forms

Get partial form responses and re-engage leads who gave up halfway through

Custom validation

Validate responder data with custom validators, and provide custom error messages

Authenticated forms

Limit access to your forms to authenticated users

Roles and permissions

Assign roles to specific users in Formsort to set their permissions

Returning responders

Allow users to return to a form and continue from the furthest point

External (hidden) fields

Pass data into your forms and pre-fill fields from external sources, including UTM params

Custom questions

Embed external scheduling tools for seamless appointment scheduling

Collect signatures and consents

Securely gather signatures and consent for comprehensive patient agreements

Send data to your EHR

Securely send data to your EHR, Salesforce, or other data stores

Industry knowhow

Leverage Formsort's expertise supporting digital healthcare startups in building successful forms

Healthcare templates

Use Formsort's healthcare form templates to jumpstart your form building process

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