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Need design and implementation support or custom feature development? Ask us about our services offering.

Why teams love Formsort

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We've been able to improve conversion rate through the survey substantially, and have increased sales at least 30% by optimizing the survey experience. Formsort makes it easy to make changes and push them live to customers.

Dan McLean
Head of Product
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Formsort has built the best form builder full stop. Every feature we can dream up they have natively in the platform. By choosing Formsort, our product managers and marketers have focused on building what makes Vial special. Not only are we given this technical advantage, the Formsort team there feels like an extension of our own.

Simon Burns
Co-founder & CEO
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We use Formsort because we can ship changes so much faster, often without engineering effort. Empowering others to make changes and try new ideas faster makes our team and product better. It's a huge advantage.

Jeremy Weiskotten
VP of Engineering

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Flow starts per month
Unlimited users
Unlimited forms
Customization & personalization
Custom-built themes
Custom-built themes
Custom-built themes
Conditional logic (basic & advanced)
API variables
Custom domain
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Custom CSS
Multiple environments
Group ranking API
Available as add-on
Data Integrations
Analytics integrations
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Split testing
Form analytics
Data management
File uploads
Customize data submission frequency
Customize returning responders
Automation & developer tools
JSON form definitions
Custom data validation
Admin API
Content library
Available as add-on
Privacy & support
HIPAA compliance
Authenticated forms
Available as add-on
5 business day SLA
3 business day SLA
1 business day SLA
Roles and permissions
Validated flow schemas


A flow start is counted when a responder completes at least one step in a form or every time a responder starts a form over with a new set of answers.

If a responder returns to a form they’ve already started, this does not count as a flow start. Using forms in non-production environments doesn’t count towards your flow start volume either. For billing purposes, flow starts are aggregated at the workspace level. A workspace is where members of the same team come together to build forms. You can read more about flow starts here.

We offer 2 months off for customers who pay yearly instead of month to month.

Get in touch to learn more.

Sounds like you’re getting responses - congrats! If you’re currently exploring Formsort’s Free plan, you’ll be capped to 100 responses per month. Any additional responses will be discarded. On the Pro plan you'll continue to receive responses and will be charged an overage fee of $239 for an additional 1,000 flow starts.

Note: Displayed flow starts in the studio may be delayed for up to 15 minutes.

Formsort does not store your data long term. We believe that form data is precious and that you should be the only one to have access to it in the long term.

We store responder data in a secure S3 bucket for only three weeks from the time of submission, pending delivery to your integrations. This is so that we give you to option to have your responders data be present, if they abandon and return to a form within the three week time frame. See our documentation for more details

Formsort only temporarily stores responder data in order to ensure secure delivery to the data destinations you have configured. This data is encrypted at rest and in transit and securely stored in our backend on Amazon Web Services. You can learn more about our data retention in our documentation.

Yes, Formsort is HIPAA compliant and will sign a BAA with enterprise clients.

While we are HIPAA compliant, Formsort does not control the type of information you send to your backend and 3rd party tools. However, you can easily manage this using our data classification. With data classification, you can tag answer variables with PII so that they are not sent to third-party integrations.

Yes! Formsort is SOC 2 Type II certified.

Data security is a priority for us. To ensure the safety of all your information, we strive to meet the highest security standards. Read more here.

Yes! We built Formsort to be a low-code tool that empowers PMs, marketers and designers to make form changes on their own.

If you know some programming basics, you can leverage advanced features like calculated variables, API variables, and more.

Yes! With dimension variables and font sizing options, we ensure that you all the tools you need to have your forms be responsive across all viewport sizes: Desktop (Apple, Mac) and mobile (iOS, Android).

For Pro subscriptions (monthly or yearly), we offer payment by credit card only at the beginning of your subscription. Enterprise clients will be invoiced via ACH and may have 30 days to pay.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. When you cancel, your plan will be downgraded to the free plan at the end of your current billing cycle (monthly or yearly), so you won’t be charged again.

Formsort is the closest you’ll get to the design and personalization of custom engineered forms, without relying on engineers.

We think Typeform and Jotform are great for simple use cases like waitlist sign-ups. Many Typeform and Jotform users graduate to Formsort once they’re ready to take greater control over their form’s design, conditional logic and testing capabilities.

To learn more about how we compare to more basic form builders, check out this article.

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