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Formsort changelog


Copy variants to a new flow

You can now copy an existing variant into a new or existing flow.

A flow collects information to fulfill a specific goal within your organization: for example, a new user sign-up flow. Variants exist within a flow, and are generally used to make small variations to the same content. Read more about flows and variants here.


Seven new themes for flows

The Formsort team has released seven new themes that can be used in flows. Themes provide the underlying style settings for a flow, and starter themes can be used as a basis for developing the perfect theme for your own flows.


Content templates for flows

New flows created will be offered the ability to start blank, or to choose from a few pre-canned sets of content. Content templates are a great place to start when creating content for your flows.

  • New flows include templates for e-commerce, fin-tech, and healthcare.

Multiple integrations

You can now send responder data to multiple locations for the same integration.