Formsort Features

Everything you need in a form builder to capture data and and increase conversion rates.

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Multi-step forms

Break up long forms into multiple pages or steps

Custom design

Create forms that match your brand and website design

Conditional logic - form branching

Create forms that adapt to your responder's answers

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Custom domain

Use your own domain name to host your forms

Split testing

Test different versions of your forms to see which one performs better

Partially completed forms

Get partial form responses and re-engage leads who gave up halfway through

External (hidden) fields

Pass data into your forms and pre-fill fields from external sources, including UTM params

HIPAA compliant form builder

Collect sensitive medical information securely

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Calculated variables

Define new answers based on other answers within the flow by writing simple TypeScript functions


Track form submissions, dropoffs, conversion rates and other key metrics

Embedded form

Place Formsort flows within a larger webpage

Custom validation

Validate responder data with custom validators, and provide custom error messages

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Environments govern how flows interact with other services and can separate staging and production

Returning responders

Allow users to return to a form and continue from the furthest point

Authenticated forms

Limit access to your flows to authenticated users

Roles and permissions

Assign roles to specific users to define their permissions

Flow schemas

Establish sets of answers that must appear in a flow and prevent deployment without them

JSON schemas

Programmatically view groups, questions, variables, and more with read-only JSONs

File uploads

Give responders the option to upload a file or image

Accept payments

Allow responders to pay using a payment type question supported by Stripe


Send responder data to the endpoint of your choice

API variables

Fetch a new answer from a server that returns JSON responses


Send responders to other URLs during a flow, or once completed

Rename variables

Control question key / variable name to avoid affecting downstream dependencies

Custom CSS

Use custom CSS to implement highly specific styling requirements beyond standard themes

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Content library

Add questions to a central library. Insert instances of those prototypes into other flows

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