Qualify, route, and treat patients seamlessly

Formsort lets you streamline leads qualification with patient-driven journeys. Create an eligibility form to prioritize leads for optimal care, and get them in or out of the door faster with a self-directed journey.

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Is your patient intake workflow optimized?

Healthcare companies can only treat a specific degree of acuity among patient leads. To qualify patients they rely on manual processes to gather IDs, insurance information, location, and other details.

This repetitive and time-consuming back-and-forth interaction hampers efficiency and creates a less-than-ideal customer experience.

Streamline and automate patient qualification

Formsort streamlines the assessment process, eliminating back-and-forth interactions, and enables personalized patient journeys, ensuring seamless intake and routing to the right treatment.

Create HIPAA-compliant routing forms that use conditional logic to screen and qualify patients before they book with you. Gather the necessary information in advance, and save resources by focusing on qualified leads and delivering personalized care.

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Healthcare teams building on Formsort

What can Formsort do to help you qualify patients?

Personalize experiences with complex logic

Each patient is unique. Use conditional logic to qualify leads and send them down the right path based on their responses to questions around symptoms, demographics, medical history and more.

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Run real-time calculations

Use calculated variables to calculate a score or show patients real-time information - like nearby pharmacies and drug prices - by pulling data from your own backend via API.

Design a form that matches your brand

Tailor the look and feel of your customer conversations to reflect your unique brand, maintaining consistency throughout the experience. Your brand, not ours.

Keep your form data secure and HIPAA compliant

Formsort doesn't store your data for the long-term. Use our native integrations to securely send data to data stores like BigQuery. Use Webhooks for everything else - Healthie, Capable Health and more.

Formsort has everything you need to build and optimize an eligibility form

HIPAA compliant

Collect sensitive medical information securely

Partially completed forms

Get partial form responses and re-engage leads who gave up halfway through

Custom validation

Validate responder data with custom validators, and provide custom error messages

Authenticated forms

Limit access to your flows to authenticated users


Place Formsort flows within a larger webpage

Returning responders

Allow users to return to a form and continue from the furthest point