Optimize forms throughout the patient journey

Healthcare forms are a patient's first interaction with your company, and each form design choice can impact their perception of your product.

Use Formsort's HIPAA-compliant form builder to design customizable forms throughout the patient experience, from patient intake and surveys to monthly check-ins.

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Personalize experiences with complex logic

No two patients are the same. Use conditional logic to qualify incoming leads and send them down the right treatment path based on their responses to questions around demographics, symptoms, medical history and more.

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Run real-time calculations

Use calculated variables to monitor patients' mental health based on PHQ scoring frameworks. Show patients real-time information - like nearby pharmacies and drug prices - by pulling data from your own backend via API.

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Send form data to the rest of your stack

Use our native integrations to securely send data to data stores like BigQuery and analytics tools like Rudderstack. Use Webhooks for everything else - Healthie, Salesforce, and more.

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Keep your form data secure and HIPAA-compliant

Formsort doesn't store your data for the long-term. We're HIPAA compliant (that means we'll sign a BAA). We're also SOC 2 Type II certified - we take your healthcare data privacy seriously.

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Healthcare teams building on Formsort

FormHealth - Formsort healthcare formsCandid - Formsort healthcare formsVial - Formsort healthcare formsAllara - Formsort healthcare formsGoodRx - Formsort healthcare formsInnerwell - Formsort healthcare formsMarley Medical - Formsort healthcare forms

Allara, a virtual care center and community for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), more than doubled its sign-up conversion rate and reduced its form building timeline by 80%.

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Form Health, a personalized medical weight loss company, accelerated its form building timeline from months to days, saving thousands of engineering hours in the process.

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Healthcare templates

Quickly launch forms for popular healthcare use cases using our ready-to-use templates.

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Frequently asked questions

A healthcare form builder, or HIPAA compliant form builder, is a secure digital tool that enables healthcare professionals to create customized medical forms for collecting private patient information while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Yes! Our HIPAA compliance means we'll sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with enterprise clients.

While Formsort's form builder is HIPAA-compliant, Formsort does not control the type of information you send to your backend and 3rd party tools. However, you can easily manage this using our data classification. With data classification, you can tag answer variables with PII so that they are not sent to third-party integrations.

Formsort lets you customize how often you capture responses from leads as they are filling out your form. You can choose between several options: every step, debounced, on savepoint, and on finalize. To learn more, check out our docs.

When a responder returns to a flow that they already started, you have control over where they will be placed within the form. You can choose to have them start at the beginning from scratch (discarding previous answers), start at the beginning but save previous answers, or drop them at the furthest point in the form that they had previously reached.

With Formsort's HIPAA compliant form builder, you can create various forms such as patient intake forms, appointment request forms, and medical history questionnaires. Start from one of our healthcare templates here or just build your own form from scratch.