Formsort for designers

Design and functionality seamlessly blend in the Formsort form builder. Formsort allows you to design beautiful forms with the flexibility you need without having to code.

With a wide range of customization options, you can build forms to match your brand and website design. Easily bring your creative visions to life - turn your Figma design into a live form.

Apply your design system

With Formsort, applying your design system to form components is simple. Our style editor allows you to easily match your forms to your brand's unique look and feel. Integrate custom CSS to tailor your design further. Manage your design system centrally and ensure a consistent visual identity across all your forms to eliminate design inconsistencies.

Create your form

Construct high-fidelity layouts

Design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about performance too. Use grid layouts to create visual experiences that perform across all display sizes. Your design elements stay consistent no matter what display size they are on. The result is a more intuitive form that makes it easier for responders to fill out.

Implement at the speed of design

Speed matters. With Formsort, you can iterate and deploy changes to your forms without the constant back-and-forths with your engineers. Design at your own pace, implement changes swiftly and keep your projects moving forward without delay.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Choose from Google fonts, Adobe Fonts or bring your own.

Yes! Most CSS attributes are available as settings. We handle all the complexity of making your style function across browsers and devices. Utilize custom CSS to implement highly specific styling requirements beyond standard themes.

Don't believe us? Send us your designs and we will show you how it works.

Absolutely! You can create and save themes within Formsort - this ensures consistency in design across all forms within a workspace, and allows designers to maintain a cohesive, branded design.

Yes. You can control how your forms appear on different devices with dimension variables. Set the dimensions of a component in the Formsort form builder (content widths, max image widths, etc.). It can help deliver an optimal user experience across all devices, as your forms not only look fantastic on desktop but also adapt seamlessly to mobile and tablet screens.

Yes! You can see changes in content and style as you build your form in real-time with Formsort's live preview feature. As a tool for experimentation and testing, the preview window provides a safe space for your form to take shape exactly how you envision it.