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Online finance forms

Formsort's financial services form builder helps you simplify complex financial processes. From KYC forms to client onboarding and data collection, streamline your workflow with ease.

Koalafi case study

Koalafi reduced unqualified leads from 55% to 15%, optimized sales resources and re-engaged lost leads through data-saving features.

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Balance Homes case study

Balance Homes, a real estate company, saved thousands of engineering hours by switching to Formsort.

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Finance form features

Flexible form builder

Tailor forms to your exact needs. Adapt to changing requirements effortlessly, empowering you to create dynamic forms that align perfectly with your business processes.

Data privacy and compliance

Formsort adheres to strict SOC 2 standards for data security and compliance and ensures that sensitive data is handled safely.

Personalized user journey

Improve user experiences with personalized journeys. Dynamically adapt forms based on answers and external data, providing a tailored and efficient interaction throughout the form experience.

File uploads, signatures, and payments

Capture comprehensive data with ease. Formsort supports file uploads for financial statements and address verification, signature capture, and payment questions.

On-brand design

Maintain a consistent brand identity with Formsort's on-brand design options. Create visually appealing forms that align with your brand's aesthetic.


Create calculations - input data and receive automatically generated scores or results. Ideal for mortgage and credit card applications.

API calls

Use API calls to fetch real-time external data. Present users with relevant information directly within the form, ensuring that the information provided is current and accurate.

Form integrations

Integrate your Formsort forms with other tools and systems you rely on. Enhance workflow efficiency by connecting to CRM systems, databases, and 3rd-party applications.

Finance form templates

Quickly launch online fintech forms using our ready-to-use templates.

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Build finance forms with Formsort

Partially completed forms

Get partial form responses and re-engage leads who gave up halfway through

Multi-step forms

Break down complex processes to improve user experience and completion rates

Custom validation

Validate responder data with custom validators, and provide custom error messages

Authenticated forms

Limit access to your forms to authenticated users for forms not intended for public exposure

Returning responders

Allow users to return to a form and continue from the furthest point

External (hidden) fields

Pass data into your forms and pre-fill fields from external sources, including UTM params

Validate form schemas

Define a list of questions that a form must contain to be published

Roles and permissions

Assign roles to specific users in Formsort to set their permissions