Run A/B and multivariant form tests with Formsort

Optimize your forms with powerful A/B and multivariant testing.

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Build multiple form variants

Easily create and customize multiple versions of your forms with Formsort. Tailor every aspect, from button styles to conditional logic, ensuring your forms align perfectly with your brand and user needs. Experiment with different layouts and question formats to find what resonates best with your audience.

Assign weights for testing

Efficiently manage your form experiments by assigning different weights to each variant. Control the distribution of traffic to your form versions and gather meaningful insights. Whether you want an equal split or a skewed distribution, Formsort makes it simple to configure and adjust testing parameters on the fly.

Analyze performance

Gain deep insights into your form’s performance by sending form data to your favorite analytics tool for detailed funnel analytics: Segment, Google Analytics, Optimizely, or Amplitude. Use this data to identify the best-performing variants and make data-driven decisions to enhance your form’s effectiveness and user experience.