Formsort offers flexible ways to pass data into forms to pre-populate fields

Enhance user experience with pre-populated fields.

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URL parameters

Pass answers directly in the URL to pre-populate form fields. Set single or multiple answers by appending them to the URL, ensuring that the correct data is available when the form loads. This method supports arrays and objects, making it flexible for various data types. Use URL parameters to show personalized content or control conditional logic based on the data passed.

API calls

Leverage Formsort’s capabilities to fetch data from your APIs and pre-fill your forms. Connect seamlessly with external databases and services to retrieve necessary information, ensuring that your users have a streamlined and efficient form-filling experience.

HTTP post body

Pass data securely through the body of an HTTP request to pre-populate form fields. Unlike URL parameters, POST bodies do not expose data in the URL and are encrypted with HTTPS. Redirect users to your form with the necessary data in the POST body, ensuring privacy and security. This method is perfect for embedding complex data structures and maintaining confidentiality.

Calculated variables

Enhance your forms with calculated variables, which can be set manually or using data passed via API calls, URL parameters, or HTTP POST bodies. Dynamically generate and populate fields based on user inputs and predefined logic, creating sophisticated forms that adapt in real-time. Provide users with a personalized and intuitive experience while ensuring form accuracy and relevance with advanced calculations.