Enhancing eCommerce lead generation efficiency and customer experience with Formsort

April 10, 2024

Discover how PoleDesign quadrupled their conversion rates and saved countless hours for their team using Formsort.


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Company overview

  • Specializing in both off-the-shelf and bespoke, made-to-order curtain poles and accessories, this eCommerce retailer serves a niche market of high-end properties and interior designers. With a revenue split between straightforward eCommerce sales and custom, made-to-measure orders, the company prides itself on exceptional product quality and customer service. 
  • As the business owner with a keen eye for digital optimization, Sam Ficek’s goal was to capture data from potential leads in a structured way. He focused on enhancing the online shopping experience, especially for customers seeking custom solutions.

Client challenges: Overcoming complexity in custom orders - PoleDesign.co.uk faced two distinct challenges, each requiring a nuanced solution to improve customer interaction and back-office efficiency.

Use case 1: Lead generation for custom orders

Customers seeking custom curtain solutions such as bay window curtain poles, encountered a cumbersome and overwhelming buying process. Ficek looked for a simplified, guided form that could accurately capture custom specifications and provide a quote without deterring potential customers.

Use case 2: Customer support triage form

Managing a mix of sales leads and customer service inquiries through a single channel led to operational inefficiencies. A streamlined approach was needed to automatically direct inquiries to the appropriate team member, ensuring timely and relevant responses.

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Choosing Formsort: A flexible form builder for conditional forms

After identifying the need for two critical use cases—a lead generation form for bespoke products and a customer inquiries triage form—the business owner embarked on a search for a form builder capable of meeting these distinct demands. Most form builders lacked the sophisticated conditional logic, customization, and integration capabilities necessary for creating an intuitive, seamless user experience. Custom engineering was considered but quickly ruled out due to its prohibitive costs and complexity, especially given the business's lean operational model.

In Formsort, Ficek found a solution that not only bridged these functionality gaps but also provided the flexibility to iterate on form designs and logic. Formsort's standout features—dynamic conditional logic, seamless embedding options, and robust integrations—addressed the unique challenges of both use cases. Unlike other platforms, Formsort offered the capability to tailor the customer's journey based on specific answers, ensuring relevance and simplicity throughout the form-filling process.

How Formsort solved PoleDesign's form needs

Solution to use case 1: Optimizing the lead generation process

Formsort enabled the creation of a dynamic, user-friendly conditional form for custom orders. Using conditional logic, customers are now guided through a personalized measurement process, significantly reducing complexity and improving the conversion rate for custom orders. Ficek mentioned that he appreciated how much control he had over dynamically showing customers only what they needed to see. 

Solution to use case 2: automating customer inquiry triage

With Formsort, the company implemented a smart triage system for customer inquiries. Depending on the nature of the query, Formsort directs it to either the sales team for new orders or the customer service team for existing order support. This automation has streamlined communication, ensuring inquiries are handled more efficiently.

Form integrations and technical flexibility

PoleDesign is using PipeDrive as a CRM and project management tool. Form submissions are sent to Pipedrive automatically. This integration with PipeDrive and the ability to embed forms as iframes or host them on a subdomain provided the needed flexibility. Formsort’s wide range of integrations, including Google Sheets and BigQuery, along with the capacity for API calls, to be able to return price quotes based on real-time calculations, allowed for a tailored solution that fits the company’s technical requirements and future growth plans.


  • Increased conversion rate for custom orders: By improving the custom order form's user experience, the company saw a significant increase in form completion rates from 14% to 54%
  • Efficiency in back-office operations: The automation and triage of customer service inquiries have streamlined operations, allowing for a more focused and effective handling of both sales and support interactions. Ficek estimates this saved around ten hours each week.
  • Improved operational scalability: With the operational improvements and integrations facilitated by Formsort, the business is better positioned to scale efficiently, reducing manual oversight and allowing for a more automated workflow.

As this eCommerce retailer continues to refine its processes and capitalize on the advantages provided by Formsort, it stands as a prime example of how using forms for digital optimization can significantly impact a business. The flexibility to iterate on form design and logic, combined with robust integration capabilities, has not only enhanced the customer experience but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation in a niche market.

The journey with Formsort demonstrates the transformative potential of adopting the right digital tools, underscoring the value of investment in technology for small business owners aiming to streamline operations and improve customer engagement in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

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