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Companies building qualification forms on Formsort

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Optimize lead processing with precision

Qualify leads accurately with Formsort, so your team can focus on the most promising leads. Customize forms to meet your business' unique requirements.

Koalafi case study

Koalafi, a Fintech Point of Sale lender, saw their B2B unqualified leads drop from 55% to 15% after implementing Formsort's conditional logic.

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Balance Homes case study

Balance Homes's sales team now uses a Formsort form to accelerate thousands of lead qualifications.

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Qualification form features

Flexible form builder

Create, design and manage lead forms without coding skills. Create customized forms that align exactly with your business needs to maximize lead quality.

Conditional logic forms

Use data inputs to calculate lead qualification scores or values in real-time. Segment leads and take them through different sales funnels based on their answers.

Branded forms

Easily maintain a cohesive brand identity across all of your forms with Formsort's theme editor, custom CSS, and custom domain features.

Split testing

Use split testing to experiment with different versions of your forms to see which perform better and qualify better leads.

Partially completed forms

Capture partial answers and reclaim lost relevant leads. Formsort can save responses at desired intervals, so you can follow up and qualify leads even if they haven't submitted the form.

Responsive multi-step forms

Create detailed, step-by-step forms for thorough lead qualification. Ensure a seamless experience across devices while breaking down complex forms into digestible steps.

Lead qualification form templates

Quickly launch online lead qualification forms using our ready-to-use templates.

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Build lead qualification forms with Formsort

External (hidden) fields

Pre-fill fields with data from external sources, including UTM parameters


Analyze form submissions, dropoffs, conversion rates, and other key metrics

Returning responders

Make it possible for leads to return to a form and continue where they left off

Accept payments

Give leads the option to pay using a Stripe-emabled payment type question


Send leads to other URLs during a form, or once the form is submitted

Custom validation

Implement custom validations and error messages for lead answers