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We're a small and nimble team working on a fun technical and product challenge. If you like working on tools that empower creativity in others, enjoy the nuances of good design, and appreciate being able to work closely with the users of your software, Formsort could be a great fit for you.

Backend engineer

The Company

Formsort empowers teams to create and improve complex and highly designed customer-facing form flows.

Companies like Candid and GoodRx Formsort to power meaningful interactions with millions of customers.

People don’t invest in Formsort, Formsort invests in people. We’ve bootstrapped to financial sustainability, which means the only expectations we manage to are those of our customers and our team.

The opportunity

You want to join Formsort because you enjoy tackling complex technological challenges with a tight-knit team, and you want the autonomy to shape your work life.

As an early team member you’ll not only play a vital role in the creation of our product, but in defining our culture. Additionally, as our first dedicated backend engineer you’ll design, build, and scale mission-critical systems with a high level of autonomy.

Example projects

  • Evolve our data models to allow our users to create and update type-safe form flows in a robust but flexible way, while maintaining developer productivity.
  • Build scalable systems: automatically capture screenshots of all completed form flows for auditing purposes, log fine-grained UI interactions to generate suggestions for improvements, and facilitate A/B testing of content and strucuture to help our clients grow their businesses.
  • Enable fallback data collection even if critical infrastructure is down, building in mechanisms for seamless recovery from outages.
  • Tactically deploy new services and refactor existing code to address the most pressing performance needs, matching user problems to the right technology.

The ideal candidate

  • You have extensive experience with Python, Flask, and Postgres.
  • You're comfortable managing cloud infrastructure at scale, and have devops experience (you've been on call in the past).
  • You’ve successfully worked on a distributed team before, and can balance working on long-term strategic problems with tactical projects to help win customers.
  • You speak English, and enjoy learning from and teaching your teammates new concepts.
  • You've spent 5+ years of time building software: you should have good pattern matching.

The Technology

  • We do continuous deployment and we ship code daily.
  • Most of our application code is written in Python, using the Flask web framework.
  • Our platform runs on Heroku & AWS, leveraging Lambdas, S3, and CloudFront.
  • Postgres and Redis for data storage.
  • The frontend is in Typescript, using React.

The Team

Our engineering team is currently 4 engineers, in North America, Europe, Asia.


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