Normally, when you navigate to a specific variant's url, for example /client/formsort/flow/onboarding/variant/main, you will always get the latest published revision of that variant (in this example, main). If you'd like to split your traffic between two or more variants, setting up A/B tests within formsort is simple.

Setting up weights for A/B testing

When clicking into a flow, you will see a list of all variants. For published variants, you will see the weight that they are currently assigned. If you're created multiple variants in a flow, by using Save as... within a variant, you'll see multiple variants. You can adjust the weights to alter the traffic split between the variants.

Then, instead of using the /variant/{{name}} URL, simply link to the flow itself, in our example /client/formsort/flow/onboarding/. A variant will be randomly selected according to the weights, and if the user abandons and then returns on the same browser, they will stay on the same revision of the same variant, just like when accessing the variant directly.

In the analytics events, the label of the variant is provided as variant_label, so you can evaluate downstream the relative performance of the variants within a flow.

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