Steps and Questions


Steps help organize flows into discrete groupings of questions, normally corresponding to a single page in a form flow. They are displayed one step at a time. They help users measure progress towards completing the flow, and help you segment the information you collect and responses you provide to your users into logical fragments.

Steps can easily be reordered by dragging and dropping, and can be given their own labels, which are shown to users. Steps by themselves do not collect any information.

By default, when a user is going through a flow, the current index of the step they are on is present in the URL, so that they can use browser navigation to navigate back and forth within a flow.

To delete a step, select its container and click Remove step at the bottom of the options.


If you have many steps, and would like to organize them into categories, you may create groups on the left hand side of the studio editor. Reordering groups will keep the order of steps within each group the same.

Groups are primarily an organizational concept for more complicated form flows, and by default, there is no responder-visible difference between steps in different groups.

Groups can be used to:

  • Enable or disable a few associated steps all together by editing the logic at the group level.
  • Apply a style override to steps in a particular group.
  • Display which group of steps a responder is currently in within a progress bar.


Within a step you can add one or more questions, which collect information and store the answers, or content blocks, which merely display information. These are the building blocks that help create the set of information you're collecting from your user. To see the list of available question and content types, see Content types

Questions may be rearranged within a step or between steps via drag-and-drop, and may be arranged within the same row as one another.

A question can be made optional, in which case it is not required to be answered to continue in the flow.

To delete a question, select the container and click Remove question at the bottom of the options.

Info text and tooltips

To provide additional clarification or context for a question without cluttering your design, add info text to a question by enabling Has info text? with a question selected.

The link can be text or an icon, and a tooltip and a modal display style are available.

Live example

Multiple answer questions

The following question types can have multiple answers:

  • date
  • email
  • number
  • phone
  • text

In order to make a question have multiple answers, check Allow multiple answers option in question settings.

multiple answers

Instead of storing a single value for the answer, the chosen values will be placed in an array. e.g.

  "answer": ["cat", "dog", "bird"],
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