Flows and Variants


When you sign in, you're brought to your list of flows. Think of a flow as a way to collect information to fulfill a specific goal within your organization: for example, a new user sign-up flow, a collecting-feedback flow, a matching-to-an-agent flow.


Within a flow, you can create variants. These can be wildly different from one another in terms of style and content, but should still have the same goal and collect the same information as the other variants in the same flow. You might use a variant to try out a new visual style or a new content ordering of your questions.

Creating a new variant

Every flow comes with a main variant by default.

To create a new variant, go into an existing variant and click Save as... at the top, or in the actions column of the variants list.

Duplicating variants is a great way to try a new approach to a form without affecting the main version in production.


There are no limits to the number of flows you can create, or the number of variants that a flow may have.

Later, in Testing, you'll see how to A/B test different variants against one another.

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