Drafts and Publishing


As you edit anything in formsort, your changes are automatically saved every few seconds (you can also force a save with Cmd/Ctrl+S).

Drafts are not visible to users without formsort accounts from your organization until they are published.

Live preview

To see a preview of what your flow will look like to end users at any time, even before you have published, click "Live preview". Changes you make within the editor will sync in real time to the preview window. Within the preview window, you can choose which device size your flow is shown in.

Checking Show all within the preview window will cause logic to be ignored within the flow being previewed, so that you can see all steps or questions even if they would normally be disabled.


When you are ready to send your flow to real users, you may publish your flow by clicking "Publish". This will make your flow available to anyone that you send the link to.

Responder lifecycle

When a user arrives at your flow, if they have not been seen before, they are given a unique identifier, the responder uuid. They are also given the latest published variant revision available for the flow variant they are requesting.

If they return again, their responder uuid will be used to retrieve any answers they may have provided up until that point. You may change this behavior within the style tab's behavior section, to either force the user to start from the beginning or review their answers up until that point. They will also continue on the same revision of the variant that they started on, even if new revisions have been published in the interim.


If you'd like to force all users who have partially completed a flow to use the latest one, at the time of publishing you may choose to supersede existing variants. This is helpful if you had previously introduced a logical mistake or must ensure that everyone is on the latest version of a flow, even if they started on an older version.

Resetting answers

If you're testing and would like to completely restart a flow, including the responder uuid that you have been assigned, you may either clear your localStorage from within the javascript console, or hold down on your flow's logo for 3 seconds to restart.

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