Event lifecycle

You may choose to receive any or all of the following events:

  • FlowLoaded when the flow is initially loaded.
  • StepLoaded whenever a step is loaded (even if for a second time, such as with backward navigation)
  • UrlOpened whenever a user is redirected to a URL outside of your flow
  • StepCompleted whenever a step is completed (all the required answers were provided and the user clicked next)
  • EmailCollected the email identifying the user has been collected (if the email question collecting the answer has Identifies responder? set to true)
  • FlowFinalized the flow has been completed because the user completed all steps or reached a terminal step

Google Tag manager

Our GTM form integration allows for sending of any of the lifecycle events to GA.

Built-in analytics

Analytics directly within formsort to allow understanding the results of improvements and A/B tests without using external tools. To access analytics on the relative performance of your variants within a flow, see the analytics tab.

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