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About Formsort

Forms. Wizards. Quizzes. Surveys. Questionnaires. Onboardings. Signups. Checkouts. Workflows. You’ve seen them. You’ve suffered through filling them out. They’ve been around almost as long as the internet has, and sigh… that’s been a while now. So why are they still so tedious?

Why do you visit a site and you have no idea what you’re being asked to do? You enter something and you can’t continue. You’re lost in a scattering of screens. You repeat things you’ve already said. You press back, and everything’s gone to the ether. You put away your computer or phone and you’ve lost where you are. Why is this a thing?

And why is it so hard to make a website that asks a real person real questions? Do you need to pay to engineer a whole system just because your business is complicated, or you want to look better than everyone else? Why must you get a headache whenever you think about where your data ends up? Why is it so hard to know if your forms are working well, and even harder to make them work better?

We are weary of asking these same questions, and tired of seeing others struggle to come up with the answers. So we’re taking what we’ve learned and building a powerful, customizable, no-limits platform that anyone can use far beyond starting surveys: one that will shape how you understand your users and what you yourself do. Focus on your goals, not collecting information about them, and you’ll be surprised how far you can get.

If we succeed, we’ll be the last people to build a form, ever.