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Build better forms

Forms are everywhere and many are broken. They are a critical means by which users interact with the internet.

We are going to increase the efficiency of the internet by at least 5%.

Focus on funnels

Formsort is not a generic form builder or simple survey software.

Formsort builds funnels - forms that turn web traffic into customers. Funnelvision, this scoped focus, is our competitive edge.

Fix the full lifecycle

There is today no one complete toolkit that all parties involved in building forms can work together in.

Formsort supports the full process of increasing conversion rates. Design, deploy, and measure all in one tool.

Eliminate fear and encourage big bets

A business won't change because a button's color changed - only by taking measured risks and making drastic changes will trajectories change.

Formsort is a safe place where customers and employees alike can explore big ideas without fear.

Scale from prototype to production

Formsort is a company-stage agnostic solution.

A small startup can use us to get off the ground quickly - and we can help scale and grow old together.

Play nicely with others

We know what we do best and we integrate with others for the rest.

When there's functionality needed outside of our core competencies, let's not lose focus and re-use existing solution, both for ourselves and for our customers.

Follow the customer

Our customers’ needs shape our roadmap.

Great people are everywhere

Talent is geographically distributed. While being distributed can be hard, having awesome teammates more than makes up for it.

Document, share, and discuss

If you don’t document your decisions and processes, they might as well not exist. Future you and your teammates will thank you for it.

We trust the people we hire

Focus on goals, not tasks. Nobody will question how you get to good outcomes, as long as you get to the good outcomes.

Opinionated, but not stubborn

Question each other and disagree, but try and come away from any discussion improved.

You made a mistake or had a bad idea? Just acknowledge it, learn, and move on. Need help? Just ask for it!

No burnouts

We can only bring our A-game if we are happy, healthy and generally have our lives under control.