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UI Designer

The company

Formsort is a software platform that allows creating, understanding, and improving the form flows that are critical in today's direct-to-consumer world. Whether applying for a mortgage, registering for a vaccine, or making expensive purchases, many of today's largest life decisions are mediated by sets of forms embedded within websites or apps. Despite their ubiquity, many of these experiences are broken and hard to improve: built years ago with aging technology, filled with bugs and user experience nightmares, and impossible to fix and improve on.

Having lived through real-world user experience problems in healthcare, finance, e-commerce, we've built a powerful set of features that encompass the whole lifecycle of designing, launching, and iterating on form flows. Formsort's powerful admin tool allows non-technical users to create and launch customized forms embedded in the core workflows of a business. Once set up, it is easy to analyze and change the design, logic, or content in order to improve.

We have been around for three years, working closely with a few early-adopter clients, primarily in the healthcare and real estate industries. Many of our clients have seen 20-40% improvements in overall conversion. 

Today, we are hiring to bring that experience to more people. We're packaging up what we've learned and bringing it to everyone: no one should have to struggle with forms ever again.

The role

We are expanding our design team and are looking for a UI designer who's excited about creating streamlined user interfaces and enjoys coming up with illustrations, icons, themes, and everything else that makes interactions frictionless and delightful.

As the first UI designer at Formsort, you'll work closely with our head of UX and product team and will be involved in designing both the admin tool (the studio) as well as the forms (the flows) that the tool creates. There is a huge variety in form design patterns, aesthetics, and paradigms that we seek to capture within Formsort: and we're only getting started on it.

Some of the design challenges we face on a daily basis:

  • Form flows are complex. As a design tool, Formsort faces many of the same challenges that a tool like Photoshop faces: it's powerful because of the depth and variety of actions a user may take, but can be difficult to use for the same reason. We need to strike a balance between functionality and ease of use.
  • Things are always changing. Users are accessing forms on every single device type. Clients launch new versions of forms daily. Web and app technology is itself changing what's possible. We need to bring calm and clarity to this ever-shifting reality.
  • Clients don't always know what they want: often a bespoke form design pattern performs worse than a more standard approach. We need to guide users to pick the patterns that work well in the real world, and allow them to express their own personality and processes.
  • Forms are multi-disciplinary endeavors: our users wear many hats. Engineers embed the form flow within a larger system. Designers create styles and themes. Data analysts and marketers track performance. Compliance folks make sure rules aren't broken. And business folks just want everything to run smoothly and make money. We need to design for all of these often disparate needs.

Formsort of the future will not only let our users build forms, but will elevate their forms in ways they didn’t know to ask or to look for. To get there, we need you!

As an ideal candidate...

  • You have 2+ years of experience in design roles at technology companies, ideally having worked on design or internal tools.
  • Using Figma or Sketch is second nature to you. (We are using Figma for design and prototyping.) Experience with prototyping, motion graphics, or animation tools is a plus.
  • You enjoy creating UI concepts, specifications, and visual assets for marketing materials, technical documentation, and explanatory content.
  • You have a knack for distilling the essence of complicated concepts and explaining them using easy to understand visual metaphors.
  • You are comfortable with jumping in on client work from time to time. (We sometimes help our clients by aiding them in designing their form flows, eating our own dogfood).
  • You are used to collaborating with UX, product, and engineering. We don't have super strict silos and work streams and like to leverage our expertise wherever we can.
  • You work at many levels of fidelity: you produce pixel-perfect designs when aesthetics are important, but can quickly put together flows or sketches of exploratory concepts.
  • Your UI designs balance beauty and feasibility, and you communicate well with developers to ensure your work can actually be built.
  • You think in reusable assets and symbols when there appears to be a long-term benefit. Experience with contributing to a design system / brand style guide is a plus.
  • Remote work makes you happy: you're good at collaborating with a team that's geographically distributed, and enjoy having a balanced  lifestyle. You must be compatible with working with colleagues in the Central European Time (CET) timezone.

Ideal timeline


  • We interview you, talking through your portfolio of work, focusing on the motivations behind your choices and the tradeoffs that you made along the way.
  • You talk with some of our team members to make sure there’s a mutual fit.
  • We hire you.

The first few weeks

  • Start working with our head of UX – get to know Formsort, our current projects and challenges, our design system and existing design work.
  • Start iterating on UI design concepts for the studio
  • Build visuals for our marketing site.

The first three months

  • Complete a few specific UI projects, working together with frontend developers, product and marketing. We are continuously working to improve Formsort’s UX and to better communicate our values on our marketing site.
  • Start creating systems, templates and guidelines for illustrations, visual styles and branding.
  • Contribute to our design system by improving existing and adding new components.

The first year

  • Be involved in all kinds of product- and marketing-related design projects.
  • Collaborate with product and engineering to prototype and deliver new features, creating UI concepts, low-fidelity prototypes and high-fidelity specifications
  • Create reusable themes and design patterns for Formsort's clients to customize and use in their own form flows.
  • Own parts of our design system and brand guidelines.
  • Optionally, be involved in usability testing and user research.

How to apply

Apply now