Sr Frontend Engineer

The company

Formsort is reinventing how internet businesses build and optimize their most valuable  forms. Forms mediate all transactions online; applying for a mortgage, personalizing your clothing subscription, and signing up for a vaccine appointment all consist of sets of forms embedded within websites or apps. To create these experiences, businesses have historically defaulted to dedicating precious engineering resources to re-invent how forms are built. 

Formsort changes all that by empowering the full growth team to launch and optimize these experiences and freeing engineers from the critical path when it comes to improvement. Companies like GoodRx, Candid, and Calibrate all use Formsort to power their most valuable customer conversations.

About the team

Formsort was founded by members of the founding team of Better to solve for the missing infrastructure required to move complex commerce online. Our distributed 10+ person team is located across the United States and Europe from California to Turkey.

The role

We are looking for a senior frontend engineer to take Formsort to the next level of modularity and flexibility: a developer of developer tools, who's excited about extending the power of creators into the realm of forms. The ideal candidate can take large, ambitious product ideas, break them down into implementable chunks, and then work with a team to ship them.

As a senior frontend engineer at Formsort, you'll be developing both the admin tool (the studio) as well as the forms (the flows) that the tool creates. There is a huge variety in form design patterns, aesthetics, and paradigms that we seek to capture within Formsort: and we're only getting started on it.

Some of the engineering challenges we face on a daily basis:

  • Bringing developer tools to the masses. As developers, we're familiar with the power of version control, CSS frameworks, and CI/CD. But non-technical creators don't have access to any of these powerful concepts: the systems you design and implement will put this power into users' hands. 
  • Dependency graphs are everywhere: Simple forms are simple enough, but complicated form flows have a lot going on - multiple data lookups simultaneously, complex logic deciding which content to show and hide, and constantly changing content. Making this complexity maintainable and understandable is key.
  • Multi-platform: Formsort needs to reliably run across all browsers, in embedded contexts, all the time. We fix the nasty browser quirks for our customers so that they don't need to.
  • Multi-user: Forms are at the intersection of many disciplines (engineering, marketing, product, design, compliance, content) and skill levels (from experts, to novices), all of which must be happy with Formsort… or at least prevented from shooting themselves in the foot. The tools you build must adapt to the user's knowledge and skill.
  • Extensibility: while Forms are a relatively constrained problem domain, there are lots of ways that people want to extend them, whether by enriching a form with data lookups, or customizing a design more deeply than our design tools allow. We need to balance customizability with a maintainable data model, and so nailing the correct plugin architecture is critical to our long-term success.
  • Testing, not only our own code but that of our clients. We are a platform for form flows - not a single form flow. So it's imperative that testing not only exercises our own test cases, but considers customer data to ensure that their businesses continue humming along. 

Formsort of the future will not only let our users build forms, but will elevate their forms in ways they didn’t know to ask or to look for. To get there, we need you!

As an ideal candidate...

  • You have 3+ years of experience in frontend software engineering, ideally having worked on form systems or content management systems in the past.
  • Has a strong grounding in engineering best practices and loves the idea of bringing it to a young and growing company.
  • Using Typescript and React is second nature to you. Experience with Material UI, Redux, Cypress, and Python is a plus, as we use all of them.
  • Is immersed in the frontend development community, and is aware of the latest developments in browser technologies, frameworks, and libraries.
  • You work at many levels of scale: you write code to improve features or fix bugs, but enjoy zooming out to break down large problems into implementable projects.
  • You can mentor junior teammates.
  • Self-starter attitude: you take joy in identifying and executing high-impact improvements and refactorings independently.
  • Remote work makes you happy: you're good at collaborating with a team that's geographically distributed, and enjoy having a balanced  lifestyle.

Ideal timeline


  • We interview you, talking through your existing projects, focusing on the motivations behind your choices and the tradeoffs that you made along the way.
  • We hire you.

The first few weeks

  • Ship a code change to production the first day
  • Get to know the entire frontend code, and identify places where you can make improvements.
  • Spend time working with customer support and sales to learn the key areas that make forms shine.

The first few months

  • Refactor parts of the codebase that need love.
  • Launch new features, such as build-in A/B testing, plugins for extensible components, more flexible design editors, data dashboards, and complex logic builders.
  • Help onboard new clients, and build out the user journey for a public launch.

The first few years

  • Advance on the technical career pathway and be responsible for a large component of the system or on the management track and be responsible for a team. 
  • Work with mobile developers to make an iOS and Android version of formsort, given your expertise in the frontend.

How to apply

Please send us your recent work, GitHub projects that you’re proud of, or open source contributions.

Apply here