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Senior solutions architect

The company

Formsort is reinventing how internet businesses build and optimize their most valuable forms. Forms mediate all transactions online; applying for a mortgage, personalizing your clothing subscription, and signing up for a vaccine appointment all consist of sets of forms embedded within websites or apps. To create these experiences, businesses have historically defaulted to dedicating precious engineering resources to re-invent how forms are built. 

Formsort changes all that by empowering the full growth team to launch and optimize these experiences and freeing engineers from the critical path when it comes to improvement. Companies like GoodRx, Candid, and Calibrate all use Formsort to power their most valuable customer conversations.

About the team

Formsort was founded by members of the founding team of Better Mortgage to build the missing infrastructure required to move complex commerce online. We believe great people are everywhere, and our fully-remote 20+ person team is distributed across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The role

As Formsort’s first Solutions Architect, you’ll be instrumental in defining what “good adoption” looks like for our customers, and how we scale our post-sales motion to support our customer’s growth. You will be guiding the customers through important architectural decisions such as setting up their integrations with their database, analytics platforms or customer data platforms.  

While you’ll spend the majority of your time helping customers achieve great business outcomes with Formsort, you’ll also be instrumental in providing input to our roadmap and building out the Solutions Architect role at large.

As an ideal candidate, you have...

  • Passion for helping clients; empathy for their challenges, ability to build relationships and effectively communicate with client stakeholders.
  • A critical eye for process improvement and how to successfully scale a new team and process
  • Experience working with front-end applications (form-building experience is a plus)
  • Proficiency with integration technologies and protocols (APIs, etc.) and common web technologies, including TypeScript, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Proficiency with setting up commonly used technologies by our customers like Segment, Postgres, Webhooks.
  • Prior experience working with SaaS solutions and/or experience deploying a sophisticated technical product with a variety of clients.

In this role you will...

  • Act as strategic technical advisor to our biggest customers as they deploy their first flows on Formsort, which involves helping customers build out their integrations and providing guidance on embedding options.
  • Understand, synthesize, and translate between complex business problems and technical concepts.
  • Present Formsort’s technology infrastructure to new stakeholders, demonstrating deep familiarity with platform capabilities, hosting infrastructure, and integration capabilities
  • Align with sales and success teams to understand customer objectives and required product capabilities to be able to scope a successful joint onboarding plan.
  • Codify learnings from early customer deployments into repeatable implementation methodologies.
  • Aggregate, prioritize, and articulate customer use cases to product and engineering teams to influence strategy and roadmap.
  • Build out the post-onboarding function at Formsort.

How to apply

Please send us your recent work, GitHub projects that you’re proud of, or open source contributions.

Apply here