Product Marketing Manager

The company

Formsort is reinventing how internet businesses build and optimize their most valuable  forms. Forms mediate all transactions online; applying for a mortgage, personalizing your clothing subscription, and signing up for a vaccine appointment all consist of sets of forms embedded within websites or apps. To create these experiences, businesses have historically defaulted to dedicating precious engineering resources to re-invent how forms are built. 

Formsort changes all that by empowering the full growth team to launch and optimize these experiences and freeing engineers from the critical path when it comes to improvement. Companies like GoodRx, Candid, and Calibrate all use Formsort to power their most valuable customer conversations.

About the team

Formsort was founded by members of the founding team of Better to solve for the missing infrastructure required to move complex commerce online. Our distributed 10+ person team is located across the United States and Europe from California to Turkey.

The role

We are looking for our first product marketing manager to help craft, execute and iterate on our go to market strategy. You are a creative self-starter, who is comfortable using data and qualitative research to make decisions.

The types of problems you will be working on are:

  • Startups benefit tremendously from an all-in-one form platform that helps them get started quickly, but they are often cash-constrained. Should we give people free trials or have a free plan? If so, how should the experience of the free users differentiate from other users? What would be the return on investing in a product for the free tier?
  • We have accumulated a wealth of expertise in form design best practices from hundreds of millions of form submissions. How do we package and deliver these learnings up in a way that can help drive growth and establish ourselves as thought leaders?
  • How do we move from a referral based business model to proactively reaching out to their marketers and the growth teams within companies that might be interested in our product? Should we increase our social media presence or should we experiment with running ads? 
  • What growth infrastructure should we set up that is appropriate for the stage of our company? What metrics should we follow both within the product and on our website to gauge how we are doing?
  • What are some creative ways to showcase our product on our marketing website and elsewhere? How should we be using our forms in our onboarding process? Should we have a flow that takes in the preferences of a user and then creates a flow in our product in line with those preferences? 

As an ideal candidate, you..

  • Have 5+ years of experience developing and running  a product-led growth playbook comprising paid acquisition, content strategy, high-touch sales and more..
  • Are comfortable at setting up and becoming the master of analytics and marketing tools, and have opinions on the best way to do things.
  • Enjoy working at many levels: you set up and calculate the RoI of a specific campaign, but also enjoy crafting the growth strategy.
  • Effectively collaborate with external agencies and contractors to help fill gaps in our own team's skills.
  • Have solid project management skills: lead and collaborate with cross-functional partners, prioritize high-impact activities, and keep complex projects moving forward.
  • Have a self-starter attitude: we are looking for someone determined to get stuff done.
  • Are good at collaborating with a team that's geographically distributed, and enjoy having a balanced lifestyle.

Ideal timeline


  • We interview you, talking through your previous experience with growth marketing and hearing your high level thoughts on what Formsort should be doing next.
  • We hire you.

The first few weeks

  • Spend time working with customer success and sales to internalize and communicate the differentiating aspects of our product.
  • Set up key analytics and measurement infrastructure to create a consistent view of the effectiveness of our strategies over time.
  • Take ownership of our marketing website and begin to experiment with copy and landing pages.
  • Evaluate and improve upon our growth strategies to help Formsort achieve its revenue goals.

The first few months

  • Conceive and execute on a wide range of content campaigns to drive engagement and establish Formsort as a thought leader. One example would be a blog discussing and critiquing various form flows. 
  • Critically think about our entire customer lifecycle and identify points of improvement to drive up revenue. 
  • Collaborate with the product and customer success teams to launch a self-service signup.
  • Analyze data to monitor channel performance and uncover different areas for improvement.

The first few years

  • Identify missing skill sets and hire a team to fill in those positions.
  • Collaborate with the customer success team to improve communications with the existing customers and identify ways to upsell to them.
  • Set up a partnership program with design agencies.
  • Conceive and launch strategies to improve traction amongst larger enterprise prospects. 

How to apply

Please send us your recent work, or any other relevant projects.

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