Customer Success Manager

The company

Formsort is reinventing how internet businesses build and optimize their most valuable  forms. Forms mediate all transactions online; applying for a mortgage, personalizing your clothing subscription, and signing up for a vaccine appointment all consist of sets of forms embedded within websites or apps. To create these experiences, businesses have historically defaulted to dedicating precious engineering resources to re-invent how forms are built. 

Formsort changes all that by empowering the full growth team to launch and optimize these experiences and freeing engineers from the critical path when it comes to improvement. Companies like GoodRx, Candid, and Calibrate all use Formsort to power their most valuable customer conversations.

About the team

Formsort was founded by members of the founding team of Better to solve for the missing infrastructure required to move complex commerce online. Our distributed 10+ person team is located across the United States and Europe from California to Turkey.

The role

Formsort charges based on usage, which increases when our customers drive value using our infrastructure. As the first member of the customer success organization your job is to uncover that value by creating the feedback loop between our customers and our product.

Some of the opportunities you might work on:

  • Customer success is different than customer support. We need your help in devising a strategy that identifies key opportunities for us to work with our customers on. Are we simply responding to our customers’ feature requests or are we engaging with them at the partner level to help them achieve their business outcomes? 
  • We need you to become a Formsort expert and then figure out how to get other people to become Formsort experts as well!  Formsort is a complex tool that currently requires some expertise to navigate through. Currently it takes about a month for our customers to go live using our platform. Should we introduce a more structured onboarding process? Is the product team aware of the key roadblocks we are facing in getting our customers live? 
  • As the first hire to the customer success team, you will set the tone for what the organization should look like. What are the key players or skills are we missing? What should our hiring strategy be?

As an ideal candidate, you..

Many different profiles can work for this role. Here are a few qualities that we think might make you a good fit:

  • You want to be an owner. You are a self-starter and can handle the ambiguity of the rapidly changing startup environment. 
  • You get a rush from solving problems - both your own problem and the problems of others
  • You can digest and communicate challenging concepts to audiences of varying technical ability.
  • We can rely on your judgment, empathy, and communication skills, and our customers are going to be incredibly excited to partner with you.
  • You’re resourceful and relentless - you might not have all the answers, but you know how to find them and will put in the work to do so.
  • Being part of a distributed team is a positive for you. You find the diversity of cultures and perspectives enriching and enjoy the flexibility and balance that comes with not being chained to a desk.
  • You can operate at multiple levels - you can both handle creating a support ticket as well as creating the customer support system itself.
  • You’ve done this before as part of another software business or agency

Ideal timeline


  • You join the team!

The first few weeks

  • You’re learning how to build with Formsort by working on our own implementation.
  • You’re getting to know our customers (they’re awesome).
  • The customer request + product sync is now your meeting.
  • Our documentation belongs to you.

The first few months

  • You’re now a Formsort expert and you know how to set up a customer to succeed. Whenever we sign up a new customer you’re the person we’re turning to make sure they get live.
  • You’re owning existing customer relationships. You find their pain and help them do more with Formsort.
  • You’re now at the point where you’re able to productize and playbook the implementation process.

The first few years

  • You scale your playbook by hiring and leading the customer success pillar in our organization.
  • You launch a Formsort community so that our customers can help each other and push the limits of the platform
  • As usage-based products take over the software industry, implementation and customer success is recognized as a make-or-break part of the company. Harvard Business Review writes a Formsort case study showcasing your brilliance.

How to apply

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