Director of Business Operations

The Company

Formsort is reinventing how internet businesses build and optimize their most valuable  forms. Forms mediate all transactions online; applying for a mortgage, personalizing your clothing subscription, and signing up for a vaccine appointment all consist of sets of forms embedded within websites or apps. To create these experiences, businesses have historically defaulted to dedicating precious engineering resources to re-invent how forms are built. 

Formsort changes all that by empowering the full growth team to launch and optimize these experiences and freeing engineers from the critical path when it comes to improvement. Companies like GoodRx, Candid, and Calibrate all use Formsort to power their most valuable customer conversations.

About the team

Formsort was founded by members of the founding team of Better to solve for the missing infrastructure required to move complex commerce online. Our distributed 10+ person team is located across the United States and Europe from California to Turkey.

The role

Strategy, finance, sales, people operations - we’re expecting you to figure out how to do it all. You are joining an early-stage startup so you have to be able to manage ambiguity, take initiative, and solve our most important problems. 

Some of the opportunities you might work on: 

  • Businesses improve what they measure. Which metrics should we be focused on? Who are the owners and relevant stakeholders associated with those metrics?
  • What will be our hiring plan for the next quarter, 6 months, year? How should we budget for those hires? What should be our strategy for hiring for those positions? What should the job descriptions look like? How will we onboard them? 
  • Pricing is the most important lever of our business. How do we evolve our pricing to best align with our customers? How do we take pricing strategy from the whiteboard through systems implementations?

As an ideal candidate, you..

  • You thrive in ambiguity and can operate comfortably in a fast-paced environment.
  • You are polished and have common sense. We can trust you to communicate with clients and external counterparties.
  • You want to learn about how tech businesses work and the B2B SaaS space. 
  • You are an owner in everything that you do.
  • You are comfortable operating at both the strategy and execution level.  
  • Being part of a distributed team is a positive for you. You're happy collaborating with a team that's not in the same place, and enjoy having a balanced lifestyle.
  • This isn’t your first job - you have at least 2 years of experience working in a professional setting (“big company” experience welcome)

Ideal timeline


  • You join the team!

The first few weeks

  • You familiarize yourself with our customers, our platform, 
  • You work on our pricing strategy and make recommendations on test as well as implementation.
  • You identify the next 20 companies we should target and work on our pitch. 
  • You build and own our financial projections.

The first few months

  • You start identifying opportunities and run cross functional projects to improve our bottom line. 
  • You help fundraise and manage our investor relationships. 
  • You’ve built relationships with our biggest customers. 
  • Together with the product and engineering team, you improve our billing and invoicing workflows.

The first few years

  • You lead the business operations team at Formsort.

How to apply

Apply on Formsort